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Health & Wellness Data Insights



We build solutions that help professionals and aspiring professionals up their game. Our batter’s box mats capture foot position, force, weight transfer, balance, and related data points to provide real-time insights that enable transformative improvements to lower half swing mechanics. Your feet are the foundation of your swing and your results. Getting your stance, your step, your timing, and your technique right are critical to tracking the ball, completely covering the plate, and delivering the maximum load to the bat.

Speaking of the bat, we’ve been busy working on that too! Our Patent is Pending and the second iteration of our “Hitman Sensor” prototype has just been completed from our R&D lab in Greenville, SC. A major leaguer destroyed our first version . . . No, he really did!

Stay tuned, more to come on this ground-breaking tool that will help everyone who plays the game be a better hitter!

Athletic Playing Surfaces

What if it was possible to capture a digital picture of everything that was happening on an athletic playing surface in real-time?  What if data insights could be captured, displayed, and shared: the position of each player, where the ball strikes the field/court and boundary lines.  What if the technology to do all this was not only available but could do so invisibly,  hidden beneath the playing surface? How about a batter’s box, a pitcher’s mound, a boxing ring, a racquetball court . . . or think bigger . . . a football or soccer field!  And what if it could be done economically.  If the dream of merging analog and digital excites you, let’s talk.  Who said sensors need to be small . . . dream BIG.

Rehabilitation and Gait Analysis

Our gait analysis systems offer podiatrists and lower extremities doctors, as well as therapy and rehabilitation clinicians the sophisticated tools needed to identify lower extremity, balance, symmetry and other issues and track patient progress with an objective, data based toolset. Our gait mats collect critical insights regarding your patient’s body mechanics, dynamic posture, balance, movement, and pressure that can enable your therapists to identify areas of concern. 

Yoga & Pilates

We’re proud to be the company who powered the world’s first AI-powered Smart Yoga Mat.  “SmartSense inside” is what enables real-time fitness tracking, proper posture coaching, guided feedback, and step-by-step support. Our sensing technology is thin, flexible, and durable without compromising the comfort and portability of the mat itself.

Three-dimensional (position on the mat and force being applied at each touchpoint) provides spatial awareness that is the heart of one of the most innovative new consumer products of 2020.


Elite fighters like athletes in many sports have learned the secrets of doing the little things better than others.  Better footwork, more agile flow, optimal balance, and being able to outmaneuver their opponents are big parts of success on the bag or in the ring.  It’s not just about getting your body in the right position to hit and avoid being hit.  It’s also learning how to maximize rotation and transfer load into the punch . . . and it starts with your feet.   Our AI powered mats provide the feedback and data insights needed to perfect your tactical approach.  We can also embed our sensors in heavy bags and torso training bags to measure punch position and force delivered.


Success in golf requires practice, patience, confidence, and control. Improving your game at any level often starts with an examination of swing mechanics. A great golf swing begins with a stable base. Your feet and legs provide that foundation. Your stance, weight transfer, and fluidity allow you to unleash maximum power. Your feet and legs generate ground pressure creating the movement and forces that transfer to the waist and upper body to complete the balance of the swing. Our SmartSense golf mats collect comprehensive data including X and Y positions, as well as Z ground force/pressure mapping throughout the entire swing. We provide the critical data insights to improve your mechanics (stance, downswing weight shift, side to side sway, ground force/pressure, and more.) We also provide club face sensing that identifies ball contact to the club’s vertical and horizontal center-line (click the photo above to view).

Our products are manufactured in the USA and are available in a variety of sizes from wireless portable versions (2’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’ or larger) to large format permanent tee box installations. Unlock your full potential by gaining visibility to the ground reaction forces that are affecting your power production, and analyzing the critical insights to optimize your individual swing mechanics.

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