Portable Commercial & Industrial Data Insights

Our solutions deliver the transformative data insights needed to optimize revenue, enhance safety, and deliver critical data in real-time. 

Portable Data Insights


Retail Analytics

Brick and mortar retail is at a disadvantage.  The power has shifted. Ecommerce providers use sophisticated analytical tools and savvy marketing techniques to drive their online sales.  Meanwhile, consumers are armed with cell phones that provide instant product reviews, price comparisons, and buying options that require only a couple of clicks.  Is your retail store being used as the showroom for your eCommerce competitors?  Are you just winning the “scraps” when a customer needs their purchase immediately? We help you enhance your customers’ experiences while protecting their privacy.  Talk to us about capturing the data you need to increase revenues and strengthen your loss prevention efforts at the same time.

At SmartSense we understand the power of simple, affordable data insights.  Our solutions transform the ability of a retailer, or a brand owner, to sell more products by making the appropriate sales and marketing decisions in real-time.  We embed our smart sensing solutions in floor graphics, POS materials, and SmartShelf technology. Increase your revenues by acquiring the timely data insights that can be the difference between making the sale or having it walk out the door.

Facilities Management

As the world gets back to the office, the challenges faced by facilities managers to maximize resource allocation, improve safety, and drive overall efficiency have not changed. Too often, shared spaces like conference rooms are scheduled but go unused because of last-minute conflicts or meetings that end earlier than anticipated. Meanwhile, those needing access to a room are being shown none are available. Our smart sensing solutions can instantly identify whether a room is truly occupied or not and utilize business rules to update scheduling systems in real-time. The same solutions can be used throughout your facilities to control lighting, HVAC, and other systems automatically while protecting privacy.

Risk Mitigation

Are you doing everything you can to keep your facility, your employees, and your visitors safe while safeguarding sensitive areas (data centers, HR areas, proprietary manufacturing areas) from those who don’t belong there? 

We can provide sensing mats that can identify the presence of people in an area and take the appropriate action to mitigate risks and make your business more secure.

      • Trigger a siren or light
      • Turn on cameras
      • Open/Close/Lock Doors
      • Identify people in restricted areas
      • Identify falls
      • Send real-time alerts to facilities management and/or security personnel

Sobriety Assessment

Cops have a tough job. Keeping our streets and roads safe by apprehending those driving under the influence is difficult – particularly in the current climate of litigation for false arrest. Making the right decisions protects both the general public as well as the driver in question. Field sobriety tests and breathalyzers help in detecting alcohol impairment, but reliable methods to identify impairment from THC and a myriad of illegal street drugs are badly needed.  The most reliable and proven methods require blood or urine samples that are impractical on the side of a road. 

SmartSense is developing a unique, patented solution that captures and interprets a subject’s balance, gait, and coordination, as well as biometric data, providing immediate objective data to assist law enforcement in making the right call. This powerful tool also captures a digital record of the subject’s performance which may aid in prosecution.  Building novel solutions to solve pressing real-world problems is what we do at SmartSense.

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