Frequently Asked Questions

Can we order custom-sized sensors?

Yes, please contact us to discuss your project and we can help you identify the most economical solution to meet your needs.  There may be minimum orders for some custom applications.

Do your solutions recognize the movement of a person or only their position?

We build a variety of sensing solutions including those that can identify X and Y coordinates (position) and Z (force/pressure) along with real-time motion, direction, speed traveled, and pressure changes.

Can I integrate SmartSense sensors into my own products?

Possibly. We have successfully captured insightful data on a variety of products and objects.  We would love to help you make your products smart.

How do I get a quote or place an order?

Call us at (630) 862-8510 and speak to a real live person! Or send us an email at info@smartsenseproducts.com and we will get back to you quickly.

Can I discern the different levels of pressure on the mat/sensors?

Yes, we build IoT solutions that can discern presence/position as well as pressure/weight/force variations.  Is there data that you would like to have that could be transformative to your business?  Reach out to us for a free consultation.

What is the resolution? How much visual detail is captured?

We can vary the data resolution through both software and hardware modifications depending on your application requirements.

Do your mats come in different colors and materials? Can we add a logo or other printing on the mats?

Yes, we offer a variety of materials to support many different applications, including subsurface solutions that are completely invisible and don’t require a mat at all.  When a mat is the best solution, we can encapsulate our pressure sensing hardware within closed-cell foam, carpet, felt, fabrics, artificial turf, rubber, and a multitude of other materials.  These come in a wide variety of colors.  We can also custom print all of our products to meet your exact needs.