As a native of Greenville, Andrew originally developed proprietary integrated sensor technology that would allow surgeons and doctors to measure and detect impact points and misalignment within medical implants and devices. Recognizing the expansive market applications for his sensor, Andrew has since designed and developed similar innovations in multiple commercial market segments. Using his dynamic educational background, and a passion for invention, design, and construction, Andrew’s focus on technological innovation is at the core of how the SmartSense team brings the newest technology trends to the marketplace. Andrew prefers a collaborative environment that challenges and pushes ideas forward, and he is passionate about the full development and commercialization process; developing ideas, testing them, and tracking their journey from the innovation lab to the real world. With a BS in BioSystems and Engineering, Master’s and Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Clemson, Andrew is excited about the future and the growth of SmartSense solutions that leverage his adaptable and forward-thinking technologies. Dr. Clark currently holds 5 issued patents.