Intelligent and Meaningful
Commercial Incubation

Our Mission

SmartSense is an integrated commercialization incubator driven by the relentless pursuit of meaningful innovation and the belief that the best technologies seamlessly blend into your daily life.

Our end to end design process enables us to create intuitive products that re-define consumer expectations of technology, providing foundation value that makes SmartSense.

The SmartSense Difference

Proprietary, pressure sensing film captures point of contact, force, and directional coordinates

Sensors perpetually scan for impact and instantly relay via Bluetooth or WiFi connection

Sensor eco-system seamlessly integrated into all products allowing uninterrupted user experience.

What Makes us Smart?

Relentless Innovation

Diverse And Innovative Patent Portfolio

Integrated, Connected, & Expandable Ecosystems

Market Segments

Performance & Wellness

Intelligent Living

Connected Agriculture

Smart Medical Devices

Animal Welfare and Performance

Business Intelligence

Who is Smartsense?

Meet the team and the years of experience behind our company.

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